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XXI koolist XXI sajandi haridus

XXI koolist XXI sajandi haridus

On 2 October 2017, Tallinn School No 21 celebrated its 114th birthday.

Nesting Tree (’Pesapuu’) – the school song since 1982

A nesting tree is our school
The branches of which
Are full of cheeping and chirping fledglings.
A nesting tree is our school
And when the time comes
We take wings in thousands and thousands together!

Lyrics by Ellen Niit, Music by Veljo Tormis

Tallinn School No 21 is over a century old school that focuses on providing its students with a diverse learning environment.The school is an exciting and developing place where everyone has a role and a mission.
The school values its strong traditions and has developed a demanding and varied curriculum for sciences, humanities as well as for extensive English studies.

Middle school specialises in: Secondary school specialises in:
  • Music classes
  • English classes
  • Entrepreneurship-robotics classes
  • Sciences
  • The English language
  • Social studies and humanities

At present our school has 43 year groups comprising 1357 students:

  • Primary school – 356 students
  • Lower Middle School – 364 students
  • Upper Middle School – 307 students
  • Upper Secondary School – 330 students

and 85 teachers.

The school supports fully the development of each student to value the acquisition of knowledge, gain self-confidence, and be independent learners, ready to take their place as responsible citizens.

Our motto is: The 21st century education from Tallinn School No 21!

Critical Thinking
Innovation in learning